WD WD3200BEVT WD3200BEVT-24A23TO, 2061-771672, SATA 2.5" PCB+BIOS copy+FW

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 WD WD3200BEVT WD3200BEVT-24A23TO,  2061-771672, SATA 2.5" PCB+BIOS copy+FW
 WD WD3200BEVT WD3200BEVT-24A23TO,  2061-771672, SATA 2.5" PCB+BIOS copy+FW

 This listing is for a PCB (printed circuit board) only

Hard Drive specification

Number on the sticker: 2061-771672--xxx xx
Number on the Board: 2060-771672-004 REV A
As long as your board number includes: 771672, this board is same as yours in hardware.



For this model hard drive, the BIOS IC on the PCB board is programmed with the unique parameters/settings of it's original hard drive. You need to swap the BIOS IC,then the donor board will be compatible with your hard drive.

We have two options for you:
option1: we swap the BIOS IC for you (free), you have to mail your board to us. We will ship(free) back the donor board with the old board BIOS IC data with it.
option2: you swap the BIOS IC by yourself. You have to let us know by email. We then mail our board to you after receiving your payment.

Our mailing address:
Suite 528
15216 North Bluff Road
White Rock BC
V4B 0A7
This PCB is intended for data recovery.
This PCB is intended for individuals attempting data recovery on their hard drive. It comes with a fully tested PCB, a torx screwdriver, and a full set of instructions.
Please note that is item can fix drives with ONLY a circuit board problem. Some drives have internal damages that can't be detected easily. Please do NOT attempt to open the drive without a clean room.
There is no return policy for this item, it is intended for you to diagnose if your hard drive has a circuit board problem, and if it does, recover your valuable data.

Before purchasing, please read:
1. This is just the circuit board of a hard drive, NOT the entire hard drive.
2. There is NO return policy.
3. The board is guaranteed to be tested OK before shipment.
4. It is the buyer's responsibility to determine if the board is adequate for his/her hard drive.

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