Tube Radio Dial Belt Zenith, RCA, GE, Fada, Silvertone, Motorola, Airline, etc

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Tube Radio Dial Belt Zenith, RCA, GE, Fada, Silvertone, Motorola, Airline, etc

Tube Radio Dial Belt
Brand New, perfectly, like the original.

Tube Radio Dial Belt, Brand New

   This auction is for one replacement dial belt. You can purchase multiple belts, but please specify the type of belts you will need as well as the model of your radio. I have belts for most brands. The following are some of the models I carry. If you do not see the model you are looking for, listed below, please contact me, before you buy. I carry many different models, I just can't list them all. Some of the different models I carry are, Admiral, Airmaster, Arvin, Belmont, Crowm, Coronado, RCA, GE, Detrola, Emerson, FADA, Fairbanks, Garod, Grunow, Howard, Kinght, Majestic, Philco, Silvertone, Sparton, Motorola, Airline(Montgomery ward), Bosch, etc.

Zenith models: 5F134, 5F233, 5F251, 5S29, 5S119, 5S127, 5S233, 5S251, 5X230, 5X248, 5X274, 6B107, 6J230, 6J257, 6J436, 6S128, 6S203, 6S222, 6S223, 6S229, 6S238, 6S239, 6S241, 6S249, 6S254, 6S256, 6S330, 6S341, 6S361, 6S362, 6V27, 7D126, 7D178, 7D203, 7D222, 7D223, 7D229, 7D239, 7D241, 7D243, 7D253, 7J323, 7J368, 7S53, 7S240, 7S363, 8S129, 8S463, 8S548, 8S661, 9S30, 9S54, 9S203, 9S204, 9S222, 9S232, 9S242, 9S244, 9S262, 9S263, 9S264, 9S307, 9S324, 9S344, 9S365, 9S367, 9S369, 10H551, 10S130, 10S155, 10S443, 10S669, 12H650, 12H689, 12H695, 12H696, 12S205, 12S232, 12S245, 12S265, 12S266, 12S267, 12S268, 12S345, 12S370, 12S371, 12S445, 12S453, 12S471, 12S475, 12S494, 12S550Z, 12S568E, 12S568Z, 12S569E, 12S569Z, 12S595Z, 12U158, 12U159, 15S308, 15S346, 15S372, 15S373, 15S479, 15S495, 15U246, 15U269, 15U270, 15U271, 15U272, 15U273, 601, 835, 880, 908, 935 950.

Chassis #:12A1, 12A2, 12A3, 12A4, 12B2, 1204, 1206, 1207, 14B1, 1501, 1502, 1502A, 1503, 22B1, 5522, 5523, 5638, 5642, 5644, 5648, 5649, 5710, 5715, 5905, 5606, 5907.

    I am an audio technician and specialize in restoring and building vintage equipment with over 20 years of experience. I take pride and spend many hours in restoring vintage equipment for others to enjoy.

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  • One Dial Belt.
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    Wayne Rathan
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