Tonearm Cable Wire - Ultimate!

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Tonearm Cable Wire - Ultimate!

Tonearm Cable Wire - Ultimate!

This listing is for 4 ft. (120 cm.) of "rcamic" sub-miniature co-axial cable; enough for two channels, left and right. It is designed for use inside the tonearm tube connecting the cartridge mount to the RCA jacks or terminal strip of the turntable. Then you can use whatever quality cables to go to your electronics' inputs.

Our eBay Store has a 20ft. length available at a wholesale price, for those people who need larger quantities.

The following photograph shows what you will receive.

This cable is factory new (France), shielded, controlled impedance co-axial cable, with multiple conductors for the center conductor and shield. The shield is silver/copper braid. Not all tonearms are grounded metal to provide shielding; and once you leave the tonearm tube, you need excellent shielding. The dielectric and insulation is Teflon™ (DuPont), which is very lightweight, flexible, stable, very low in loss, and resistant to the heat of soldering. The capacitance is 20pF/ft., which is very small for coaxial cable. The weight of the cable is only 1 gram/ft.; and it has a diameter of <50 mils. The typical tonearm tube will contain less than two 1ft lengths of cable. The attenuation is < 0.025dB/ft at 1MHz (this includes "skin effect" losses!); so it’s loss at audio frequencies (<20kHz) is unmeasurably low for 2ft. lengths. Our cable was designed for critical instrumentation and medical applications, and is ideal for high-end audio due to it’s low loss and multiple-strand conductors.

My initial application was to replace the original miniature cable in the tonearms of quality Dual and Miracord record changers that I was restoring. I wasn't pleased with the quality of the original cable in the Dual 1019 changer. This cable had only a single ultra-thin copper wire for the center conductor and a twisted copper shield that only provided partial shielding coverage. Ideally, the center conductor would be made of several twisted copper conductors, and the shield would be braided with almost 100% shielding. Our cable meets these requirements.

This cable was originally designed RF frequencies. For audio, it is perfect.

The following photo shows the original Dual cable with its twisted partial shield, vs. the rcamic cable with nearly 100% tightly-braided shielding.

The next photograph shows the center conductors of both cables. The Dual cable has a single copper center conductor, while the rcamic cable has a a center conductor that is a twisted cable with 7 strands of #44 gauge copper. The shield conductors of both cables have been twisted for soldering in the photos.

The next photograph shows the completed re-wiring of the Dual headshell plastic terminal insert.

Low loss and excellent shielding are important for use with phono cartridges. Cartridge Voltage levels are typically 5 milliVolts rms for typical maximum sound levels. Minimum-level signals are less than 20 uVolts rms (micro-Volts, millioniths of a Volt).   The rcamic cable is slightly larger in diameter than the original Dual cable, and is a little stiffer. Creating a little loop as it comes out of the tonearm tube guarantees that flexibility will not be an issue. We guarantee that you will be pleased. If you are not, simply return all of the cable (at your cost), in whatever form it is in, and we will refund the purchase price, less shipping. Trying the cable for yourself and listening to the
results, with little financial risk to you, is the best way to find out how good this cable really is.

within the US is only by Priority Mail with tracking. We ship overseas to some countries. Please inquire about this; we require a good eBay feedback rating. This listing is for 4 ft. (120 cm.) at US $39.95 + Priority Shipping

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